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Cordyceps Coffee

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A smooth and aromatic coffee with cordyceps extract that supports health by providing an abundance of medicinal nutrients. Relax and recharge with every cup.

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A special 100% organic coffee formula that contains Brazilian Arabica instant coffee, Cordyceps extract, non-dairy creamer, and sugar.

Cordyceps is a rare medicinal mushroom used from Traditional Chinese medicine known as the “caterpillar mushroom” and found growing above 10,000 feet in China, Tibet, and Nepal mountainous regions. It is also used in modern medicine due to its high concentration of cordycepic acid, cordycepin, and other medicinal nutrients. DXN cultivates Cordyceps from vegetable culture.

A smooth and aromatic coffee with powerful health benefits that will enhance your energy, boost stamina and athletic performance as well as being an effective way to improve your focus and memory.

Cordyceps coffee is a great tasting choice for your daily use and it’s high quality medicinal ingredients will make a difference to your heart functions, strengthen the immune system, and invigorate you throughout your day.

Certified Ingredients: Sugar, vegetable creamer, Brazilian Arabica instant coffee powder, Cordyceps extract.

Freshly Sealed Packaging: 20 sachets x 21g.


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