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When the body is regularly receiving high nutrients like ganoderma the body will begin to undergo a natural detoxification process. This includes removing the build up of toxin in cells, cleansing the toxicities, and encouraging the development of new healthy cells. These build a healthy body.

Joint pains are usually the cause of inflammation due to underlying issues that may be connected to nutritional deficiencies. Arthiritis joint pains for example result from excess uric acid crystallizing in areas such as fingers, wrists, ankles, knees, toes and feet. If left unaddressed this can escalate into a chronic problem.

Our ganoderma massage oil can help human joints areas in pain by providing access to ganoderma extract to be abosorbed near the area of inflammation and provide anti inflammatory support for the immune system to take action.

The key is preventing a chronic state of toxicity buildup using naturally rich medicinal compounds like ganoderma.

Think of it as a super multi vitamin that has an abundance of bio active compounds that are stronger than most available today.

It compliments a preventative medicinal health path and it is generally best practice to start with a dosage of one or two capsules daily unless already facing health issues that require providing more support to the immune system. Due to rich compounds like organic germanium, polysaccharides, triterpenes, adenosine, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and more phytonutrients the ganoderma has proven results of drastically improving the immune system response to almost any natural issue that the body is facing. That is why it has been the focus of many medicinal studies throughout the years in relation to strong anti cancer results.
Health benefits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzjwSJj5laI

18 day cultivated ganocelium provides more oxygen to blood and cells and has less detoxifying properties than the 90 day cultivated ganoderma. It’s recommended for younger ages, young athletes, and feeds the immune system with 200 important nutrients as do the reishi ganoderma capsules. The more developed ganoderma mushroom has more detoxification benefits.

A daily recommended intake has been included with the product to enjoy the full spectrum of benefits, however, it is good to consider your needs when applying spirulina tablets to your daily schedule.

Our spirulina tablets may be referred to as supplements but they can also be thought of as drivers of rich protein, vitamins, minerals, and medicinal compounds that help the body health status reach optimal levels. They are also nature’s most complete foods.

Learn more about spirulina and adjust them for your needs i.e. if you are an athlete and you are daily pushing the limits you will need the full recommended dosage. If you are enjoying leisure time and reading a book on your recliner, relaxing in the park, at a beach or by the pool two tablets should meet the requirements.

If you are regularly in an active lifestyle working 8-10 hours daily and maintaining a fitness level your needs will vary anywhere between 4-6 tablets daily to maintain optimum energy levels and maximize the benefits of spirulina. As you use more spirulina you will get a better feeling of how much to take depending on your lifestyle and your nutritional needs.

Each person’s human body system differs and certain factors such as previous medical history/current health condition/current diet/budget are all important in determining the recommended dosage for balancing the immune system.

Due to the fact that our ganoderma extract supplement capsules are pure, rich, nutritional powerhouses they can easily be consumed daily to improve a persons general health enabling it to reach its peak. Our ganoderma products have been tested and are safe with proven results for all ages (no age restriction).

For most adult beginners we advise starting slowly and gradually increasing capsule usage in the initial 1-3 months. A good starting dosage is 1-2 capsules daily for the first three months with an increase to 2-4 capsules daily afterwards.

For ideal maintenance of a healthy body system DXN (the manufacturer) recommends using three pairs of RG/GL capsules and adapting them to your daily routine (2 morning, 2 afternoon, 2 evening).

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