About us

Ganoderma Health Shop Canada is an Ecommerce company located in Toronto, Canada (Business Identification Number: 270876014) specialising in online sale and distribution of superior quality 100% organic natural herbal superfoods, healthy coffee & tea, supplements & vitamins, such as Ganoderma extract with medicinal qualities. Ganoderma Health Shop Canada products meet the highest quality standards, are guaranteed 100% organic, and can transform your health offering protection and support for a healthy immune system to boost the natural healing ability of the body using ganotherapy.

Our webshop facilitates the purchase of products that have certified manufacturing standards to guarantee best results for human health without the use of chemical drugs. We strive to provide excellent customer services and high levels of security to enable residents of Canada to conduct their shopping transactions easily and simply online through their mobile, tablet or desktop pc.

Our wish is to share and enjoy with as many Canadians these amazing medicinal superfoods available today to strengthen their everyday lives and their immune system as preventive medicine above and beyond what normal food preparation can provide them. Our products efficiently detoxify and enrich the body with important nutrients.

We guarantee that the products listed at our webshop have undergone strict research and they have been tested for their efficiency with proven results. We will be gladly sharing numerous testimonials on their performance results. We have amazingly competitive prices taking into consideration the specialized know-how required to produce our medicinal products and factors such as company research, quality and safety standards, as well as packaging.

Ganoderma Health Shop Canada utilises multiple digital platforms and software technologies to conduct its business operations securely, efficiently and with specialised customer services.